Friday, 18 February 2011

Facebook games - Cityville - Part 3

OK final part.

I'm going to complete this guide with some straight to the point, um, points:

  • Want boats and a pier? Becoming Mayor allows you to build these, however you will have to complete a whole bunch of quests on the left of the screen before the final task is assigned to you: Gain 1000 population and collect from 30 businesses. After this your pier should become available (I don't know the chain of completed quests required leading up to the mayor one. I could have googled it and added it in but thats taking other peoples work and duplicating it, which isn't what my guides about.

  • Like your buildings your boats can be rotated using the rotate tool. After placing them, turn them 90 degrees, you will find you can fit more on that way!

  • In case you didn't know, you will need to have placed an expansion over a section which contains sea before placing a pier.

  • Storage. When you can, build the 'Sticks' building. It holds slightly more goods per the land it takes up so is better than a barn. I personally like to have a fair few to hold a reserve of goods through dry spells (IE when I'm living my life and not clicking on farmland all the time).

  • The more land you have the easier you will find this game. It's easy to throw away your cityville cash on expansion permits at the start, i know  I did. But please try to get your hands on zoning permits instead. They are obtained from your neighbors, sent as gifts. You can send them also, sadly not to yourself. The more neighbours you have the easier this will be. You can also publish your wish list with permits as the main item. 

  • Fancy selling your soul to progress in this game? Yes? No? Of course you do!! So here's probably the biggest boost you can give yourself - Get yourself onto Facebook, type in the Search Bar something like 'cityville community' and look for a page with over 100,000 members. You'll spot hundreds of people posting in here begging to be your friend so they can become your neighbor in game. Go on, join the ranks of the hopelessly lost and make a few friends. Or better, post on the site that you are an active player and will send daily gifts. A tonne of requests will come through from people wanting to be your neighbor and will send you daily zoning permits and other gifts.

  • How big can the city be? It's a big map. I've only explored about 30% of it from what I've seen on my lvl 63 friend's city (it's insane). So most of us still have a lot of expansion to be getting on with.

I may add to this post, but I don't think I'll be creating a new blog on it. I've said my peace.

At the time of writing this I have a lvl 58 town, am saving for my 3rd tower eats (1,000,000 coin) and almost 4k population.

Rave safe y'all


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Facebook games - Cityville - Part 2

Lets dive right in. Decorations.

Not only do they make the place look nice but decorations provide an essential boost of profit to businesses in Cityville.

I guess the primary piece of knowledge required at this point is to know how many decorations you can apply to one building. Ok, here's my take in picture format:

3 squares. You've no doubt by this stage figured out the whole Cityville map is made of squares. Every decoration has a reach of 3 squares and every money producing building within that range gains a boost.

With that in mind I have produced the Tower Eats (shown above) surrounded by 2 squares of flowers AND on the furthest reaches of square 3 I have placed almighty arbortums (4 trees decoration). All adding up to a bonus of 228%, or if you will; 2950 gold per harvest.

Downside? Well the obvious one (aside from the cost of  arbortums) is the fact that a setup like this takes up a whole load of space. Can't help you there I'm afraid. It's up to you to make the most of the space you have available which means no cozy cottages, no bloody strawberries, and for the love of  strong cheese no unholy cake shops!

[If you were wondering if those were white goats staging some kind of 'equal rights for goats' demonstration around my cinema on the upper left, then yes, yes they are. They've been neglected, abused and treated like second class animals for too long... and they've had enough!]


Don't worry if you don't have a spare 1,000,000 to buy a Tower Eats at this stage, or all those arbortum. That will come in time, just be sure to apply the same logic to some (though perhaps not all) of your businesses. And the businesses you do pimp up with the most decors, make sure u harvest the most frequently.

DO NOT waste space by giving your houses decors, the amount they produce compared to your businesses is minor and not worth the attention. Click and harvest them if you have spare energy, but treat them as a low priority for energy use.

That'll do for today.  Happy camping chaps   : )



Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Facebook games - Cityville

OK - Starting light here guys, very light.

Facebook. It has become, lets face it, HUGE. It's sticking it's big fat face in absolutely everywhere, and online games are no exception.

This short guide stemmed from a rant I had on a Youtube video discussing Cityville strategy.

This is not a starter guide. The game it self offers a steady learning curve and bubble-speech guide that new players can follow to gain a good grounding of the basics. This guide is about maximising your outputs from the time you spend playing.


The main enemy of progress in this game is energy - you can run out very fast and once you do - no more playing!

Initially, as you increase in level your energy storage increases also, however it will peak at 30 energy by the time you reach level 28. You therefore you want to get the most money possible per energy you use.

Money = better businesses (which offer better returns of cash)
Money = better housing (which hold more residents, take up less space and pay more)
Money = the best crops (which in proportion to their cost are the most effective) 
Lots of money = Skyscrapers, huge Condos and impressive landmark buildings (new to game)


I grow only the far end crops (peas, wheat, pumpkins & corn) as they offer a much better return for their cost, and lets face it, spending 1 energy on a 5 minute build of strawberries (15 goods) is something Leeroy Jenkins would do.

Collections. Crops (like businesses and housing) produce collectible items. Gather all 4 items from your far end crops and you can expect to receive in return:

Pumpkin Collection - 3 XP & 3 Energy

Corn Collection -  White Goat (1% Bonus item)
Pea Collection - Corner Store (a new business) leading to Convenience Store Collection which gives 3 Energy & 3 XP 
Wheat Collection - White Chicken (1% Bonus item)

While goats and chickens aren't too exciting (unless your into that kind of thing), getting 3 free energy and XP isn't to be sniffed at.

This is the end of my update thus far I will go into Decoration bonuses, businesses and other tips on a new post.

Rave safe