Thursday, 17 February 2011

Facebook games - Cityville - Part 2

Lets dive right in. Decorations.

Not only do they make the place look nice but decorations provide an essential boost of profit to businesses in Cityville.

I guess the primary piece of knowledge required at this point is to know how many decorations you can apply to one building. Ok, here's my take in picture format:

3 squares. You've no doubt by this stage figured out the whole Cityville map is made of squares. Every decoration has a reach of 3 squares and every money producing building within that range gains a boost.

With that in mind I have produced the Tower Eats (shown above) surrounded by 2 squares of flowers AND on the furthest reaches of square 3 I have placed almighty arbortums (4 trees decoration). All adding up to a bonus of 228%, or if you will; 2950 gold per harvest.

Downside? Well the obvious one (aside from the cost of  arbortums) is the fact that a setup like this takes up a whole load of space. Can't help you there I'm afraid. It's up to you to make the most of the space you have available which means no cozy cottages, no bloody strawberries, and for the love of  strong cheese no unholy cake shops!

[If you were wondering if those were white goats staging some kind of 'equal rights for goats' demonstration around my cinema on the upper left, then yes, yes they are. They've been neglected, abused and treated like second class animals for too long... and they've had enough!]


Don't worry if you don't have a spare 1,000,000 to buy a Tower Eats at this stage, or all those arbortum. That will come in time, just be sure to apply the same logic to some (though perhaps not all) of your businesses. And the businesses you do pimp up with the most decors, make sure u harvest the most frequently.

DO NOT waste space by giving your houses decors, the amount they produce compared to your businesses is minor and not worth the attention. Click and harvest them if you have spare energy, but treat them as a low priority for energy use.

That'll do for today.  Happy camping chaps   : )




  1. great info. with this knowledge, i shall be the king of facebook games, and get all the womans.

  2. I hate these facebook games theyre all the same

  3. This is very interesting but the question is, can I cheat?