Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Facebook games - Cityville

OK - Starting light here guys, very light.

Facebook. It has become, lets face it, HUGE. It's sticking it's big fat face in absolutely everywhere, and online games are no exception.

This short guide stemmed from a rant I had on a Youtube video discussing Cityville strategy.

This is not a starter guide. The game it self offers a steady learning curve and bubble-speech guide that new players can follow to gain a good grounding of the basics. This guide is about maximising your outputs from the time you spend playing.


The main enemy of progress in this game is energy - you can run out very fast and once you do - no more playing!

Initially, as you increase in level your energy storage increases also, however it will peak at 30 energy by the time you reach level 28. You therefore you want to get the most money possible per energy you use.

Money = better businesses (which offer better returns of cash)
Money = better housing (which hold more residents, take up less space and pay more)
Money = the best crops (which in proportion to their cost are the most effective) 
Lots of money = Skyscrapers, huge Condos and impressive landmark buildings (new to game)


I grow only the far end crops (peas, wheat, pumpkins & corn) as they offer a much better return for their cost, and lets face it, spending 1 energy on a 5 minute build of strawberries (15 goods) is something Leeroy Jenkins would do.

Collections. Crops (like businesses and housing) produce collectible items. Gather all 4 items from your far end crops and you can expect to receive in return:

Pumpkin Collection - 3 XP & 3 Energy

Corn Collection -  White Goat (1% Bonus item)
Pea Collection - Corner Store (a new business) leading to Convenience Store Collection which gives 3 Energy & 3 XP 
Wheat Collection - White Chicken (1% Bonus item)

While goats and chickens aren't too exciting (unless your into that kind of thing), getting 3 free energy and XP isn't to be sniffed at.

This is the end of my update thus far I will go into Decoration bonuses, businesses and other tips on a new post.

Rave safe


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  1. nice start. looking forward to reading a more comprehensive guide!